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How do I get an internship?

There are two types of internships in the Communication Studies Department at the undergraduate level: Off-campus internships and on-campus teaching internships.

For off-campus internships, most students search out the internship possibilities on their own. The Career Placement Office on campus has a list of internships, and sometimes the department receives internhsip notices directly, but most students find their own internships.

Internships must deal with some element of communication, and must involve students in some activity beyond a job they already are performing. For example, a student working as a human relations assistant may be assigned a special project--that project would qualify for an internship.

On-campus internships are usually arranged between students and faculty members. Students with an interest in a specific area within communication, and/or an interest in teaching communication work with individual faculty members in a course or courses.

Both on- and off-campus internships require scholarly work in addition to the time spent in the internship. The additional work is something agreed upon in the internship contract the student signs. Most additional assignments include some form of final summmative paper.

Speech Commmunication majors may register for up to 6 credits of internship to be counted toward the major. An additional 6 credits (total of 12) may be counted toward general graduation requirements. Communication Studies minors may register for up to 3 credits of internship to be counted toward the minor. An additional 3 credits (6 total) may be counted toward general graduation requirements.

For off-campus internships, 1 credit requires a minimum of 30 hours of work. On-campus internship requirements are agreed upon by the student and faculty member, but generally follow the same time requirement.

Students interested in internships should contact individual faculty members for more information. Students will need to complete the internship contract form, available in the Communication Studies Office, AH 230.