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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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College Recovery Community

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Our Mission

To help college students in recovery from the Mankato area to connect with one another and support each other in their recovery.

About Us

Our program is community based (non-residential) and strives to connect members with resources on campus and in the Mankato community.  While the program is geared toward students at our institution, many of our programs are open to students at any institution of higher education in the Mankato area.  Membership in the community shall be open to those who are in recovery or strong advocates of the community's mission. There are no direct costs associated with being a member of the college recovery community.

Our Goals

Members of the college recovery community will:

  • connect with other college students in recovery
  • network with other college students to attend activities on and off campus, allowing them to engage in traditional college experiences with other students in recovery
  • learn about resources on campus that will help to support their recovery
  • learn about resources in the community that will help to support their recovery
  • will receive support and guidance from other members to promote and sustain their recovery
  • will provide support and guidance to other members to promote and sustain their recovery
  • plan and participate in social activities specifically for members of the college recovery community
  • educate about and advocate for recovery with the college environment
  • be productive members of the college community
  • successfully achieve their academic goals 

About College Recovery

Maintaining recovery can be difficult.  Being early in recovery and a new college student can be extremely difficult.  We understand the complexities of being in recovery and navigating the challenges of adapting to the college environment. Despite the vast barriers, there is much hope for college students in recovery.  While they are not the only path, college recovery communities can lead to greater success, increased GPAs, higher degree completion rates, reduced relapse rates, and many other benefits for college students in recovery.  College recovery communities can assist students in attending to the dimensions of Health, Home, Purpose, and Community, which are critical in supporting a life of recovery (

Our History

The Mankato Area College Recovery Community was created in the Fall of 2012.  The community was created in response to students' requests for a greater array of college oriented recovery activities and is sponsored by the Department of Health Science - Alcohol and Drug Studies Program. The community was created with input from current and past students, local treatment providers, members of the local recovery community, and many others.