Internet Gold for Speech-Language Professionals

ASHA - Boston, MA, November 16, 2007
Judith Maginnis Kuster

General Collections


Interactive Web Sites

Stories and books

Examples of short articles/stories and books which could be used for a variety of therapy activities

Electronic books - read-along or listen to

Generators and Templates


PowerPoint Templates

Specific Therapy Ideas and Materials

Hearing disorders

Voice/VPI materials



Motor Speech Disorders and Augmented/Alternative Communication

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Speech sound disorders

Phonemic Awareness


Second Language Learners

Many More Materials That Can Be Adapted for Therapy

Finding additional sites and reliable information using standard search engines

"Google-ing" -- Good, but not perfect (

First, some warnings/problems I've had or have with Google

Some ways to make Google work better for you

Some additional Google Gifts
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