How Bad Do You Stutter?

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Internet Communication

From: Maureen Fernicola
Date: 03 Oct 2007
Time: 14:41:10 -0500
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Hi Russ, yet another graduate student (University of Memphis) roped in by your frank and engaging writing. I have a few questions about your experience as a person who stutters(PWS). First, what is your estimate for the percentage of PWS who don't choose the therapy route? Would you give me an insider's view as to the thought/emotional processes behind choosing therapy or not? You've alluded to many of your reasons, but have you heard or can you extrapolate others? Okay, on to the next query! I wondered what your take was on the prevalence of written communication in today's society. Do you think email, boards, etc. can help a PWS' esteem in giving them a communication outlet where they aren't seen as a PWS? Or can it be a "crutch" that keeps them from recognizing and making decisions about their stuttering? Or does it just depend on the person? Our information in research and clinic is of course biased towards people who choose therapy for themselves, so I greatly appreciate the opportunity to bend your ear! Thank you for making your article and your self available for the conference, and I look forward to your reply. M

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