How Bad Do You Stutter?

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The Badness Meter!

From: Chris Roach
Date: 05 Oct 2007
Time: 13:06:05 -0500
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To my dear friend Russ, great paper, as always, and some wonderful stimulation of thought as to how we see and feel about ourselves. My speech "badness" meter, when I truly look back to yesterday, last week, or decades ago, if I'm honest with myself, is really reflective of how life is going in general at that time. It's easy to blame our speech as being truly "bad" at a time that the real origin of our difficulties lies in life stuff, in general. I think our speech often merely reflects how life is going, not that our life mirrors how our speech is going. You've always been a great model of how great a life can be lived through service, sacrifice and consideration to others -- and that's why you're at the "2" level, because you truly have a life unaffected by speech! Thanks for the message and encouragement and thanks for reminding us to keep our eyes on life and not on the words that merely reflect it. Chris

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