How Bad Do You Stutter?

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Good reminders

From: Amanda R
Date: 12 Oct 2007
Time: 16:52:23 -0500
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Thank you for sharing your experiences. Your post had excellent points. So many people try to control things that they have absolutely no control over. In your case you couldnít control your stuttering, but you could control those secondary behaviors. Once you focused on and tried to change something you could control, as opposed to your stuttering, you said your stuttering became easier to handle. Important points I took from your post: Itís important to remember that people donít care, so many times we worry about what others will think about us and most of the time it just doesnít matter to them. Also, people can pick up on discomfort and that in turn makes them uncomfortable. This is so true; if youíre uncomfortable with yourself and you show it others will pick up on that and be uncomfortable too. Finally, itís not your fault; you canít control that you stutter and you didnít do anything to make yourself stutter. Question: I was wondering if you had any bad experiences or bad reactions to your stuttering as a teen? And if so, is that why you wanted to control it?

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