How Bad Do You Stutter?

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Re: Good communicator

From: Russ Hicks
Date: 20 Oct 2007
Time: 11:52:00 -0500
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Hi Bobbi! Double WOW!!! You should write a paper on this kid next year! Yes indeed, he's got his head screwed on absolutely straight - and so do you. He's living proof of EXACTLY what I was talking about, the fundamental difference in FLUENCY and COMMUNICATION. They really are totally different concepts. Good communication really does matter, but fluency isn't nearly as important as a lot of stutterers - and a lot of SLPs for that matter - think it is. As you so perfectly said, "He communicates very well and that is the ultimate goal." I could not possibly have said it better myself! ..... If you need any further help, go see your student. Hmmmm... Who's the teacher and who's the student? <smile> I wish you - and your student - the very best that your journeys through life have to offer! ..... Russ

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