Why Do So Many Stutterers Fail to Stutter When Alone and How Can This Phenomonen Be Used in Treatment?

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From: Jolene Lindsey
Date: 17 Oct 2007
Time: 21:20:06 -0500
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I was really interested in your paper. I have a question, I worked with a stutter for a while. When I say worked, I mean we were co-workers. He seemed to stutter a good bit just talking to me or another person one on one, however, when he had to do an announcement on the intercom to the entire store he was completely fluent. I would have thought that he would have stuttered more because of being heard by everyone in the store. It's not like the intercom gave any kind of feedback. This may not be a question that can be answered. I just thought it was interesting and always wandered why in that instance, when I would think his stuttering would be worse...he was completely fluent?

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