Why Do So Many Stutterers Fail to Stutter When Alone and How Can This Phenomonen Be Used in Treatment?

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Thanks everyone!

From: Ilia Rasskazov, Natalia Rasskazova
Date: 21 Oct 2007
Time: 14:19:27 -0500
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We would like to thank everyone who has participated in the discussion of this article, “Why Do So Many Stutterers Fail to Stutter When Alone and, How Can This Phenomenon Be Used in Treatment?" We honestly did not expect that it would receive so much attention. We really do feel that researching this topic will lead to the development of new therapies. These new therapies include the virtual modeling of communication situations which are rehearsed in “isolation” and later lead to a gradual integration of the subject’s new skills in real conversations. This is what we have based our own speech trainer, SpeechHelper (http://www.speechhelper.com (for stuttering) on as well as, a trainer for the development of non-verbal communication skills, NeoDialog (www.neodialog.com) which is currently being used by people not effected by stuttering but, who simply wish to improve their own skills and become more effective speakers. We feel that the goal of speech therapy (for stuttering) should not be the complete disappearance of the problem itself, but the development of the subject’s ability to communicate freely and openly and, his/her ability to receive satisfaction from communication with others. We wish all of you luck with your research and your developments in the communications field and hope that we can count on your support for our own research! Once more, thank you!

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