Why Do So Many Stutterers Fail to Stutter When Alone and How Can This Phenomonen Be Used in Treatment?

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Re: rhythm, intonation & musicians who stutter

From: Jason Giroux (undergrad @ MNSU)
Date: 21 Oct 2007
Time: 17:47:31 -0500
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I wondered about this same thing when reading the article. It seems to be a common phenomena that musicians who stutter during normal speech often do not when singing. Could this occur because the musician is much more aware of the rhythm while singing but not aware of it during normal conversation? I have also heard of a similar phenomena occurring amongst actors who stutter in normal conversation but not while performing. Like music, theater requires that the actor be much more aware of the rhythm,inclination, pitch, and other "non-verbal" elements of his speech then in normal conversation. This being said, maybe stuttering stems from a speaker's inability to recognize or place importance on these non-verbal elements of speech in every day situations, but when put in a situation like music or theater where these elements are emphasized it becomes possible to overcome the stuttering.

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