Speech Disfluency in Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Re: Stuttering vs. Echolalia

From: Kathy Scaler Scott
Date: 15 Oct 2007
Time: 14:16:49 -0500
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Kristina,I second Vivian's thoughts on distinguishing between stuttering, disfluency and echolalia, and I think that was an insightful question. Regarding your question about strategy use when stuttering is a priority, take a look at case C4 in part II: for that individual, stuttering was a priority. She had to work on other things, but you'll see how the language and stuttering treatments need to be carefully balanced, as one can influence another. In fact, with this client the two did influency each other: while she needed extra pause time to formulate, after each pause she needed a fluency strategy to get voicing going again or she would block.

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