Speech Disfluency in Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Re: C2

From: Vivian Sisskin
Date: 17 Oct 2007
Time: 07:37:59 -0500
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Leeanne, Well…. I am really just thinking out loud here, because I really don’t know what caused this client to begin stuttering any more than I would know why a typically developing child would begin stuttering with a late onset. … Some of the factors I would consider would be a small, but important burst in communication skills which provided enough “fuel” to trigger stuttering in a client who was genetically predisposed to stutter. There was a family history of stuttering for this client. The strong desire to communicate (request) and the limited language skills to do this effectively might have led to disfluency. Children generally stutter more when producing complex language or when they are ambitious in their language output. I am wondering if you have any thoughts on this? At this point, all we can do is consider the possibilities.

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