Speech Disfluency in Autism Spectrum Disorders

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atypical stuttering features

From: K. Wallis
Date: 21 Oct 2007
Time: 19:55:31 -0500
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Hello Kathleen and Vivian, I appreciated your articles. It's great to finally see information being published about stuttering features in this population. Interestingly, in my practice, I've had at least 6 cases that come to mind just within the past year or two, each with dx of high functioning autism or Asperger's or at least "Autistic/Asperger's-like" in their presentation (poor social skills, rambling, tangential language, poor eye contact). Each of these cases came to me for "stuttering" concerns and each case presented with preponderance of either word final dysfluencies (occurring anywhere or multiple times within an utterance) or with high frequency mid-word pauses (not actual tense blocks but just a break in phonation, eg. ev-erybody; Oc-tober, almost like a silent tic interfering with continuous phonation. Please comment on relative presence of more atypical vs. more typical stuttering features across the collective group of these patients that you have seen. Thank you!

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