Speech Disfluency in Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Re: atypical stuttering features

From: Kathy Scaler Scott
Date: 21 Oct 2007
Time: 21:14:32 -0500
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Hello, Yes, I too, over the years have seen these less than typical disfluencies in many kids who were Asperger's or as you say "Asperger-like", at least with pragmatic issues. Both of my 2 cases presented in this paper here had word final disfluencies, and C4 also had some of those mid word breaks in phonation you describe. There have been some case studies done on word final disfluencies, many occurring in populations with other disorders (such as brain injury, mental retardation), and one in two boys with no other issues. I refer you to Van Borsel, J. Van Coster, R. & Van Lierd, K. (1996). Repetitions in final position in a nine-year-old boy with focal brain damage. Journal of Fluency Disorders, 21, 137-146 for a good review of past studies. Another source for good review and a description of those two typical boys with word final disfluencies is: McCallister, J. & Kingston, M. (2005). Final part-word repetitions in school-age children: Two case studies. Journal of Fluency Disorders, 30, 255-267. Hope this helps. We definitely need more research and awareness in this area!

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