Acceptance is NOT Giving Up!

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Re: Accepting today - Changing Tomorrow

From: Russ Hicks
Date: 04 Oct 2009
Time: 11:08:28 -0500
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Hey Reuben! Great to hear from you! Yes, acceptance is typically the most difficult concept for people who stutter to really grasp. It can almost feel like a death sentence like "You poor thing, you're gonna stutter for the rest of your life so just accept that awful fact." But NO! It does NOT have to be that way! It takes ACTION to make things change, and there's a TON of actions we can do to help us live exciting and very successful lives. (Where have you heard that before, right? In the Washington DC NSA workshop maybe? Ha, ha, ha!) Writing an ISAD article is one HUGE step in that direction! .... By the way, your "Voicemail" article was really good. You're doing EXACTLY the right thing there. Now you need to start responding to the people who have entered their "questions/comments" on your paper. Go to and start reading and responding. You'll start to get some really good stuff from students in a few days, and that's where the FUN really begins. Responding to these questions and comments is actually more fun that writing the paper in the first place. .... Keep up the good work!

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