Acceptance is NOT Giving Up!

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Re: Absolutely Wonderful!

From: Russ Hicks
Date: 19 Oct 2009
Time: 19:11:11 -0500
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Hi Mollie, Thanks for your kind words. Are you a person who stutters or are you an SLP or a student SLP? If you’re a student SLP in Judy Kuster’s class, I’ll see you next week when I drive through Mankato and speak with her class. If you’re a person who stutters, I hope to meet you at an NSA conference, maybe in Cleveland next summer. Either way, I’d like that! … Yes, that was an “ah ha!” moment for me too. It really came down on me like a sledge hammer when I won that important speaking contest in Toastmasters in 1996. Of course I stuttered pretty much like I always do, but a team of the best speaking judges in the entire world – who didn’t know me from Adam! – apparently thought I was a pretty good communicator, stuttering and all. You could have knocked me over with a feather! … Anyway, from that point on, I realized that people who stutter and spend time praying for fluent speech are praying for the wrong thing! They OUGHT to be praying for more effective communication ability because THAT is what other people really care about! And within reason, they couldn’t care less about perfect fluency! Amazing, no? … I hope our paths cross some day, Mollie. Enjoy this wonderful on-line conference! … Russ

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