Acceptance is NOT Giving Up!

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Re: stuttering

From: Russ Hicks
Date: 22 Oct 2009
Time: 10:13:35 -0500
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Hi Tricia, Thanks for your kind words. Yes indeed, if official therapy doesn't appeal to a person, there are other things they can do. Joining an NSA chapter is one particularly good idea. Subscribing to any number of online lists is another. The trick is to get involved with life somehow! Just don't sit alone in your room and mope all day obssessing about your speech. ... Actually we in the NSA continue to struggle with the concept of a "virtual online chapter" where people can actually use video and audio technology from the web to "meet" one another. Skype is a good tool for one on one communication like that, but it doesn't work well for groups. We're making progress, but we're not quite ready for prime time yet. ... I hope you've enjoyed this wonderful on-line conference, Tricia! ... Russ

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