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Re: effective communication vs. fluency

From: Russ Hicks
Date: 22 Oct 2009
Time: 10:55:17 -0500
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Hello again Harriet, The essence of effective communication is when people ENJOY listening to what you have to say. Ellen Degeneres is a perfect example of an excellent communicator. Listen to her speak off the cuff and she's very disfluent, stopping, starting, backing up, repeating words, stumbling over thoughts - and laughing at herself as she does it. She's FUN to listen to. No, she doesn't stutter like we do, but her speech pattern is FAR from totally fluent and smooth. Listening to her is like having coffee with her and talking about whatever comes up. It's just natural conversation. ... Barak Obama is another example. Whether or not you agree with his ideas is totally beside the point. (I'm a relatively conservative Republican, so you can guess my opinions.) But he's a wonderful communicator, good eye contact, excellent facial expressions, great smile, and wonderful use of self deprecating humor. It's nearly impossible not to like his communication style. ... Joe Biden is another good example - and he stutters! (or at least used to) ... If you like to listen to a person talk, he's a good communicator. ... I hope you've enjoyed this wonderful on-line conference, Harriet. I hope our paths cross some day. ... Russ

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