Stories of People Who Stutter

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We All Have Stories

From: Pamela Mertz
Date: 04 Oct 2011
Time: 15:36:24 -0500
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Wow! This was an incredible piece. I teared up at some parts. Indeed, we all have stories to tell, but most importantly, they need to be heard. What good is a story if no one hears it? How wonderful that you were able to share the stories of three ordinary people - not famous, not in the media - just regular people living successfully with stuttering. I hope you are aware of the women's stories podcast I host - I have over 70 stories of women from all over the world who have amazing stories to tell, and tell they have. Please share it with Jennifer particularly, but anyone who wants to hear inspirational stories. You are a great story-teller yourself. I still have the paper you wrote several years ago on "Being Real" and the velveteen rabbit. When a person is fortunate enough to get a SLP who "gets it" and fosters the inter-connectedness needed to thrive in our world, no matter how we speak, that is so fortunate. I worked a few years with three young people with Down Syndrome who also all stuttered, and they were glad to have someone connect them to therapy. Thanks for sharing this, and putting forth challenges to pws and the SLP's who work with us. It's not always easy!

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