Stories of People Who Stutter

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Group Therapy & "Fluency Freedom"

From: Chandler Hamor, graduate student clinician
Date: 19 Oct 2011
Time: 13:20:14 -0500
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Hello Dr. Shapiro. Thank you so much for your inspiring words. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your paper. As a graduate student rapidly approaching the end of my schooling, I am voracious for ‘real world’ knowledge on how best to grow my clinical skills. Your article really resonated with me and provided me with some great things to remember. First of all, I think everything you said here underscores how important or facilitative group therapy can be to the therapeutic process for PWS. Specifically, that they are provided with multiple opportunities to share ‘their story’ with other PWS as well as hear the stories of others. I had an opportunity to observe a number of group therapy sessions with young people who stutter and it was amazing to watch. So many of them learned from each other and could identify with each other’s experiences. Also, more and more I am convinced that an individual’s idea of “fluency freedom” will be highly unique to them. Therefore, it is important as clinicians to be mindful of this and pursue therapy in a way that is facilitative of their personal “fluency freedom”. It is very important to not get so caught up in the data or the ‘numbers’ that we lose sight of this.

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