Stories of People Who Stutter

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From: Maura K Graduate Clinician
Date: 21 Oct 2011
Time: 18:34:34 -0500
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I found the stories of people you have worked with emotional and very inspiring. You mentioned success can be different for all people. For one of your clients, her success was coming to you talk to you about stuttering. For another, it was to re-enter college. Thank you for the reminder that success is different for all people. As clinicians, it is important that we keep in mind that success of fluency treatment should not just be measured by the fluency of the client. I was especially touched by your story about Jonathan. In my experience as a graduate clinician, I have little knowledge about treating populations with concomitant disorders such as cerebral palsy, cognitive, and neurological deficits. Perhaps we may discuss working with special populations later this semester. I can imagine, however, providing treatment could be quite challenging, especially when progress can regress due to medical complications. Despite this, you continued providing treatment and formed a wonderful relationship with Jonathan and his family along the way. The relationships I form with clients and families is something I look forward to as a future speech-language pathologist. I constantly remind myself that one day I will have the power to help change people’s lives by helping them be able to communicate better. At the same time, I will have a chance to learn from my clients and be reminded why I chose this special profession. Thank you for sharing your stories and thoughts!

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