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This is a threaded discussion page for the International Stuttering Awareness Day Online Conference. To ask a question or make a comment hit the POST link above which should bring up a POST ARTICLE form. Fill in your subject and name and type your question. Then, and this is important, hit the POST ARTICLE button just below the comments form. Your response is now posted, but you may have to hit the reload button on your browser to read it. For some internet service providers (like AOL), your post may not appear until the following day. Please do not repost messages several times. If you have followed the instructions, it should work. There is a TEST threaded discussion available at If you are still having trouble, you can contact Between now and the end of the day on October 22, the presenters have agreed to respond to any appropriate questions made by participants. Please do not use this page to create a personal agenda or to ask questions you should be able to find in a textbook about stuttering. Thank you very much for your participation!!

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welcome Adam DeMello 10/1/02
Re: welcome Wendy Ryback-Soucy 10/2/02
What a wonderful paper! Russ Hicks 10/1/02
This is awsome ADAM Mercedes 10/1/02
Re: This is awsome ADAM Adam 10/1/02
Permission to publish Mike Hughes 10/2/02
Re: Permission to publish Adam DeMello 10/2/02
Re: Permission to publish Lou Heite 10/3/02
There are stuttering lawyers David Steiner 10/2/02
Re: There are stuttering lawyers Adam DeMello 10/2/02
Re: There are stuttering lawyers Ellen-Marie Silverman 11/15/02
Response Pat Springer-Hann, SLP 10/3/02
Re: Response Adam DeMello 10/3/02
What a team! Lynne Shields 10/4/02
Congratulations Adam! - 2nd Try! :) Jean Dixon 10/4/02
Metting other people who stutter-To Adam Bernie Weiner 10/4/02
Re: Metting other people who stutter-To Adam Adam 10/18/02
Therapy in the cold countries Liv Marit Dalen 10/5/02
What made you decide? Vickie 10/7/02
Re: What made you decide? Adam 10/7/02
The gifts you have Marjorie Rosenthal Foer 10/7/02
Re: The gifts you have Adam DeMello 10/8/02
An inspiration to us all Lindsay Tempel 10/7/02
Adam Deanna 10/8/02
Louise Deanna 10/8/02
Re: Louise Lou Heite 10/11/02
Adam Demello Jane Kloeckl 10/8/02
What a great atitude! T. Jensen 10/8/02
Re: What a great atitude! Adam DeMello 10/9/02
So Much To Learn, A Fine Example Gerry Hill, Brisbane Australia 10/9/02
Re: So Much To Learn, A Fine Example Adam 10/9/02
gooberhead Lizzzy Perkins 10/11/02
Getting on With Life Mary Strom 10/13/02
Hope you can visit NSA and FRIENDS, etc. !!! Steve Hood 10/13/02
Re: Hope you can visit NSA and FRIENDS, etc. !!! Adam 10/15/02
Louise Deanna 10/13/02
Teasing Brandon 10/14/02
Re: Teasing Adam 10/15/02
Re: Teasing Lou Heite 10/17/02
Questions??? Lisa 10/14/02
Re: Questions??? Adam 10/15/02
Re: Questions??? Lou Heite 10/17/02
Re: Questions??? Lisa 10/21/02
Nice Story Cole 10/16/02
Re: Nice Story Adam 10/18/02
courage mendez 10/17/02
Re: courage Adam 10/18/02
re-entering speech therapy Mia D. Victor,  Graduate Student University of Louisiana at Lafayette 10/17/02
Re: re-entering speech therapy Adam 10/18/02
Inspiration Shawn Robins 10/18/02
Adam Amber Bennett 10/18/02
Re: Adam Adam 10/18/02
Ms.  Heite Amber Bennett 10/18/02
Re: Ms.  Heite Lou Heite 10/21/02
Enjoyed your article, Adam... Mary Ahlers 10/18/02
AMAZING CONFIDENCE Melissa Beithon 10/18/02
Terrific paper John Harrison 10/19/02
Re: Terrific paper Lou Heite 10/21/02
What are you doing next June, 2003?? Steve Hood 10/20/02
Re: What are you doing next June, 2003?? Adam 10/21/02
Re: What are you doing next June, 2003?? Lou Heite 10/21/02
Article Alicia 10/21/02
Re: Article Adam 10/21/02
Strength Matthew Terry 10/21/02
Article 71 Gina Ferretti & Natalie Meier 10/21/02
Great Articles Jeff Shames 10/21/02
Re: Great Articles Lou Heite 10/22/02
Spirit!!! Anita 10/22/02
Great Article K Dominick 10/22/02
Great job, Adam Lou Heite 10/22/02
Letting Go Melia Danielson 4/21/03
What an inspiration! J. Douglass 10/18/2005

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