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This is a threaded discussion page for the International Stuttering Awareness Day Online Conference. To ask a question or make a comment hit the POST link above which should bring up a POST ARTICLE form. Fill in your subject and name and type your question. Then, and this is important, hit the POST ARTICLE button just below the comments form. Your response is now posted, but you may have to hit the reload button on your browser to read it. For some internet service providers (like AOL), your post may not appear until the following day. Please do not repost messages several times. If you have followed the instructions, it should work. There is a TEST threaded discussion available at If you are still having trouble, you can contact Between now and the end of the day on October 22, the presenters have agreed to respond to any appropriate questions made by participants. Please do not use this page to create a personal agenda or to ask questions you should be able to find in a textbook about stuttering. Thank you very much for your participation!!

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Good Job Lee Reeves 10/1/02
help? Sean McGarrigle 10/2/02
Re: help? Joe Donaher 10/2/02
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The Doctoral Student Summit Retz 10/2/02
The Next Generation Steve Hood 10/3/02
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Inspiring article Jaan Pill 10/8/02
Stuttering Coursework Jennifer Lawrence 10/11/02
Re: Stuttering Coursework Lindsay Tempel 10/13/02
Re: Stuttering Coursework Joe Donaher 10/14/02
Re: Stuttering Coursework joe donaher 10/14/02
Re: Stuttering Coursework Kevin Eldridge 10/21/02
coordinated multidisciplinary team approach Ed Feuer 10/12/02
Re: coordinated multidisciplinary team approach joe donaher 10/14/02
Re: coordinated multidisciplinary team approach another idea for my folder 10/15/02
Quo Vadis: Incremental versus Revolutionary Research Gunars 10/13/02
Re: Quo Vadis: Incremental versus Revolutionary Research joe donaher 10/14/02
Errata: Correction to my first posting Gunars 10/15/02
Re: Errata: Correction to my first posting I was waiting 10/15/02
Did my subconscious have an idea: Faux Pas & Brainstorming Gunars 10/16/02
Re: Did my subconscious have an idea: Faux Pas & Brainstorming Kevin Eldridge 10/16/02
International view Kevin Eldridge 10/15/02
Re: International view Jaan Pill 10/17/02
Re: International view Kevin Eldridge 10/22/02
coursework Brett Kluetz 10/15/02
Good Job Lori Friedrichs 10/15/02
Re: Good Job Kevin Eldridge 10/21/02
RE: Stuttering Coursework Allison Vice student  10/15/02
RE: Stuttering Coursework Kevin Eldridge 10/16/02
parallel process mendez, csw 10/17/02
Re: parallel process  10/22/02
Re: parallel process Kevin Eldridge 10/22/02
Doctoral Student Summit Jerry Johnson 10/18/02
Re: Doctoral Student Summit Jaan Pill 10/18/02
Re: cookie-cutter approaches Kevin Eldridge 10/22/02
good information Matthew Terry 10/21/02
Re: good information Kevin Eldridge 10/22/02

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