A Different Kind of Electronic Device for Stuttering Therapy for Children

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A great article! Bob Quesal 10/1/02
Re: A great article! Nancy Tozier 10/2/02
Re: A great article! Barry Guitar 10/9/02
Permission to publish Mike Hughes 10/2/02
Re: Permission to publish Nancy Tozier 10/3/02
Re: Permission to publish Barry Guitar 10/9/02
What a story ! Jonathan Bashor 10/3/02
Re: What a story ! Nancy Tozier 10/3/02
Re: What a story ! Barry Guitar 10/9/02
Re: What a story ! Jonathan Bashor 10/10/02
Success Bryan Johnson 10/4/02
Re: Success Bryan 10/9/02
Re: Success Barry Guitar - oops, last reply was mine 10/9/02
Lidcombe Candice Cook 10/6/02
Re: Lidcombe Barry Guitar 10/9/02
Persistence and Determination Sarah Helm 10/6/02
Re: Persistence and Determination Nancy Tozier 10/8/02
Re: Persistence and Determination Barry Guitar 10/9/02
Distance Therapy Karen Winter- Graduate Student 10/7/02
Re: Distance Therapy Barry Guitar 10/9/02
part 2 of my response Nancy Tozier 10/8/02
Article 13 Reagan Amos 10/8/02
Re: Article 13 Barry Guitar 10/9/02
Lidcombe Program Melissa Beithon 10/8/02
Re: Lidcombe Program Barry Guitar 10/9/02
Nancy Tozier-Lidcombe Jane Kloeckl 10/9/02
Re: Nancy Tozier-Lidcombe Nancy Tozier 10/10/02
Lidcombe Janine Campbell 10/10/02
Re: Lidcombe - reply is below under "Does Lidcombe help?" Barry Guitar 10/15/02
What about Ben's father? Dick Mallard 10/11/02
Re: What about Ben's father? Nancy Tozier 10/12/02
Re: What about Ben's father? Dick Mallard 10/13/02
Re: What about Ben's father? Nancy Tozier 10/15/02
State Certification Craig Coleman 10/14/02
Re: State Certification Barry Guitar 10/15/02
Re: State Certification Judy Kuster 10/15/02
A Word of Thanks Dale Williams 10/15/02
awesome approach Lori Friedrichs 10/15/02
Does Lidcombe help? Barry 10/15/02
Re: Does Lidcombe help? Bob Quesal 10/15/02
Access to the Experts Karla Becker 10/16/02
Re: Access to the Experts Karla Becker 10/16/02
Re: Access to the Experts Jerry Johnson 10/18/02
Re: Access to the Experts barry guitar 10/28/02
Parent Support Aimee Xander 10/16/02
Re: Parent Support Barry 10/28/02
Thanks Lynne Shields 10/17/02
Re: Thanks Barry 10/28/02
More Email Rx Jerry Johnson 10/17/02
training and ethics Molly Rourke 10/18/02
Re: training and ethics Barry 10/28/02
Re: training and ethics Molly 10/28/02
Distant Therapy Tammy Conklin, Student/Speech Teacher 10/19/02
Re: Distant Therapy Nancy Tozier 10/21/02
The Article Michael Retzinger 10/20/02
Re: The Article Nancy Tozier 10/21/02
Re: The Article jerry johnson 10/21/02
Nancy FHSU Graduate Student 10/20/02
Re: Nancy Nancy Tozier 10/21/02
Thank you Matthew Terry 10/21/02
Thank you for this article Alana Klein 10/22/02
Re: Thank you for this article Barry 10/28/02
Thank you for this article Alana Klein 10/22/02
Such devotion Alan Badmington (to Nancy) 10/22/02
Re: Such devotion Nancy Tozier 10/31/02

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