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ISAD in Burkina Faso

From: Moussa DAO
Date: 10/22/02
Time: 8:40:04 PM
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I have just came from our national radio where, for our ISAD, I was invited by a journalist for an emission about stuttering and our association. This was a great challenge for me. It was my first time to speak in the radio.

In the beginning of this interview, I was quite calmer. And then, when I saw behind our interview room , many journalists who are interested by what I'm telling, I begin to get some fears. I thought that I will be listened by million of people around all Burkina Faso and perhaps in other west African countries because our national radio go over our frontier And I began to stutter.

But I thought about the interesting article wrote by Russ Hick ( a Gift of stuttering ) for online conference , and I got courage and go on my speech with less stuttering. I stuttered less and all my friends was very happy and congratulate me. The journalists was impressed by my answer and by knowing many things about stuttering ISA, IFA. Later they told me that there are many fluent persons and sometimes political person who could not speak like I have just did.

This emission will broadcast in all Burkina Faso in October 22. It's the first time , in Burkina Faso that ,news about stuttering ,will be broadcast.

Last week, I was interviewed by three journalists of newspapers. Yesterday when I arrived in my office, a man walked towards me and told me that he have just written my interview in our national newspaper ( SIDWAYA ). He congratulated me , and told me that he has been stuttering since his childhood and is very happy to hear from our association.

Next week , two private journal will also published my interview. I can say that our first step of ISAD is a veritable success.

More over two health magazines got in touch me in order to write papers about stuttering and our association.

My next challenge, is to get fund in order to welcome the president of Association parole B»gaiement ( France) Anne Marie Simon for animate a conference which will be our national stuttering awareness day.

Best regards to you


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