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ISAD in Sweden

From: Anita Blom
Date: 10/23/02
Time: 9:27:22 AM
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In Sweden the local chapters have different activities on the ISAD. For example the chapter I'm in (Skaraborg) invited a person who has been through speech therapy with the Dr Fluency program to tell about his experiences. In Stockholm the local chapter was in the city center with an information table. Chapters with an office or meeting place had "open house", others talked at schools, in shops and in libraries. The national association SSR has written a statement on stuttering and sent it to national tv and radiostations and to national newspapers. Some of the local chapters contacted the local media. We were also at a Logopedic congress talking about stuttering (Fri-Sat) which was broadcoasted on national news! And there will also be an interview on the children's news later this week.

But most of all, we advertised about the ISAD on-line conference so that people can learn more about OUR day and our lives.

Happy ISAD!

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