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Report on successful ISADs in Cameroon

From: Joseph Lukong
Date: 10/23/02
Time: 2:20:14 PM
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We can say that we did not only have ISAD but ISADS with and 's' as it took some days here.

It started Saturday the 19th with a broadcast of the interview I had with a local radio station here the previous day. On the evening we went to the airport dressed in our SCAC T Shirts to receive our guest Clare Thomas a speech therapist who specialises in working with children who study for the FLUENCY TRUST IN THE UK.

Sunday, the 20th saw us and Clare attending church services at the Zion Baptist Church Bonaberi where the Pastor gave us some 15 minutes to talk about stuttering and what we had planned for ISAD 2002.

The following day which was Monday saw us visiting some schools here distributing the 'STUTTERING HURTS...WE CAN HELP' posters and talking to some teachers of PWS.

Tuesday the 22 saw us dressed in our SCAC T shirts moving around town and talking to people and doing a survey on the questionaire that Clare and some members had prepared for the day. The day ended at the Zion Baptist church with a round table discussion on stuttering and some light refreshments. Pictures of our ISAD 2002 are still undeveloped and there is a video tape of some of our activities that clare made for those days.

Sincerely yours, Joe Lukong

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