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ISAD in Israel

From: Benny Ravid
Date: 10/25/02
Time: 6:34:17 AM
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On October 23 we had a celebration evening of the ISAD 2002. It was a wonderful evening, we had four key speakers from four different disciplines. Each one of them talked about the topic: "Don't let the Stuttering stop you" from his own point of view. We had:

1) Dr. Ruth Malckinson a Social worker with a background of REBT.

2) Tammy Sultan an SLP

3) Adina Shany a Psychologist working leading a personal growth institute.

4) Aviva Angel a therapist with a background of mysticism (Tarot reading, Numerology etc.)

After the speakers we had group discussions and the evening ended with a few (courageous) PWS speaking in front of the audience.

According to the feedbacks I got it was one of the most beautiful AMBI events (maybe even the best)

Unfortunately we had dissepiments too.

That morning we were supposed (all the arrangements were already done) to be on the morning show of the main Israeli TV channel.

A day before there was a suicide car explosion in the North of Israel. 13 innocent people were killed and one of the (many) outcomes was that there was no room for us the in the TV. Seems we were victims of this horror as well.

The other outcome of the situation was that we had no VIP guests. We've invited two Ministers, One vice Minister and Two MP (Members of parliament). No one showed up. Seems these days stuttering is not on the agenda of the VIP's (in the recent years we had the privilege to host Ministers and MP's).

At least we had a successful ISAD celebration. We had about 70 participants and in my speech I've mentioned ISA and Michael Sugarman the ISAD "Father".

And this weekend one of the Israeli newspaper will publish an Interview with me and other AMBI members about stuttering, AMBI etc.

Let's hope our coming ISAD celebrations will be held in more peaceful atmosphere.

Best wishes to all of you.


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