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ISAD in Seattle

From: Elaine Saitta
Date: 10/27/02
Time: 12:40:24 PM
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I just wanted to share what I did for ISAD. I wrote up an informational page about stuttering and sent it out to all the staff at the schools that I work at as an SLP who stutters. I also planned to do a classroom presentation today, but library time came first:) But I will do it next week for sure!!!! I put up NSA posters in my office. Many people talked to me about stuttering and how much they liked the posters... I emailed a copy of the info. page to my SLP friend and this is what she had to say... Elaine Saitta

E~ I just have to tell you I passed out that information to every teacher and para in my school yesterday and put out the NSA poster that has different people who stutter. There has been such a response! Yesterday, a teacher thanked me for the information and felt it was great for the school as she is getting a teacher's assistant who told her she stutters. Many other people stopped me and thanked me for the information and asked questions. Today the response is much the same. I'd say in the past two days I've had 15 people contact me and talk about stuttering with me, another 10 said "thanks."

So thank you for giving me that information. Next year, I think I'll plan some classroom activities. Or do that in the spring with NSA week.

Hope you're having a great day :) J

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