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How the online conference is advertised

From: Judy Kuster
Date: 10/7/02
Time: 1:41:58 PM
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I know the conference could be advertised better, and it would be if there were a staff of people to do the work involved. For those interested - how the conference is currently advertised:

The conference is linked to my two websites and

I ask all the participants to get the word out to their friends, organizations, students, etc.

I send an email news release and a gif of the online conference to about 40 support organizations around the world. I have no control over which folks decide to pass the information on. Some do it very well. Others don't respond.

I post the information on the various stuttering forums in the US and ask the person that runs the Spanish list TTM-L and CAPS, a Canadian list to post the information..

I write to over 100 professors who teach in the area of stuttering, whose email addresses I have (most in the US, but elsewhere as well) in the summer and also at the start of the conference.

I email past online conference presenters inviting them to participate in the conference.

Some examples of responses for my requests to advertise it (the ones that I am aware of). There may be more, and if I'm missing someone, please accept my apology):

1. Canada Speak Easy put a nice article in their newletter and a reminder in the current newsletter

2. SFA announced in their newsletter

3. ASHA Division 4 provided information in their newsletter

4. The ASHA Leader for October 8, 2002 had an article about ISAD and the online conference

5. The October FRIENDS newsletter advertised the conference.

6. The Sept/Oct 2002 issue of Speaking Freely (Royal Oak Beaumont Stuttering Support Group Newsletter) advertised the conference.

Some individuals/universities/organizations put the information/link on their own websites

1. Andreas Starke - Germany

2. Anita Blom - Sweden

3. Unknown?

4. California State University, Hayward

5. Caroline Bowen - Australia

6. Tony Wray, Canada -

7. Balbus, Czech Republic -

8. Japan -

9. Academy of Private Practice in Speech Pathology and Audiology -

10. Per Fabęch Knudsen - Denmark -

11. Unknown, France -

12. Venezuela -

13. Italy -

14. Chris Roach -

15. I know some professors add it to their password protected class sites, because I am getting "hits" from them, but cannot enter the sites without a password

Some support organizations link to the online conference:

1. Belgium

2. UK

3. Iceland

4. European League of Stuttering Associations

5. International Stuttering Association

6. Sweden -

7. Denmark -

8. Denmark - Foreningen for Stammere i Danmark -

9. Italy -

More locally, I work to get the information out to my state, my university, and our local support group:

1. Our University advertises the conference in a Minnesota Speech-Language Hearing Association newsletter and sends out brochures about the conference to the entire CEU list they have, as well as puts up posters on campus about it. It is also advertised on our department CEU website.

2. I wrote to all of the higher education institutions in my state to inform their faculty about the conference.

3. Our NSA chapter devotes part of the October meeting to participation in the online conference.

4. My own graduate students are required to participate actively.

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