Iceberg of Stuttering

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From: Katie Armendariz, MSU graduate student
Date: 10/1/03
Time: 12:56:38 AM
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Mr. Hicks, I have heard of the iceberg analogy in class- but never to that detail! (Thanks) To be honest with you, this analogy shows why stuttering therapy makes me nervous. I am fascinated by the topic and feel that I have a fairly good grasp of it. However, the covert (1% vs. 99%)intimidates me. For people that are this reluctant to admit and accept their stuttering, how do you work on the bottom of the iceberg? I am also intimidated by the fact that every individual case is so different, and if a certain therapy was tried without success, would I be adding to the bottom of the iceberg? I truly want to work with people to accept their stuttering and help relieve some of the stress it takes to hide it. It was helpful that you emphasized the importance of psychology/counseling, I know that is one area I need more work on. Thanks again for illustrating the analogy so well! Katie (hopefully a future iceberg engineer :)

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