Iceberg of Stuttering

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The Playing Field

From: Chris Roach
Date: 10/1/03
Time: 9:44:21 PM
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Russ, you truly are an Icemaster -- you belong aboard ship in the Antarctica watching out for those blue babies!

I think your insightfulness goes way beyond stuttering -- I think it's true of each and every individual's life. Can you imagine whereas we have named our iceberg "My Stuttering," millions have each identified their own iceberg as "My Obesity," "My Loneliness," "My Addiction," etc.

I think that we would be amazed to find an instant connection and bridge with anyone and everyone in the fluent community that instead of advocating and educating to everyone about our stuttering, that we simply share "icebergs." People would identify. People would immediately understand how significant stuttering has been in our internal worlds as their particular challenge has been for them in theirs.

Great opportunity to find common ground among people of smooth tongues and us of f-f-forked tongues. Thanks for offering this powerful tool. Excellent!


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