Iceberg of Stuttering

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Re: iceberg-balbuzie - babelfish translation

From: Judy Kuster
Date: 10/5/03
Time: 12:34:26 PM
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This is far from a perfect translation, but babelfish can help you make sense of it. I put the URL in babelfish and asked it to translate from Italian to English. Below is what I got back:

Dalmine, 5/10/2003 Egr. Sig. Russ Hichs

L?analogia stutter-iceberg I find excellent, gives it l?idea of what is the stutter. In the many years of my life I have cultivated two hobby: to explain because and to make the miner to me of iceberg. I have explored this iceberg, the holes practices to you have lightened a lot. The heart, l? emotion not mentono, is sincere; the mind, the images, the intuitions to times trick, are false. I have used like trivella and compass l?emozione that indicates the true one, exacta to the mental images, to the memories, that they are the road. A long, difficult job; but with the time it is improved. I know of what is made l? iceberg, who l? it has generated, I know the mechanisms, are come down until in bottom, lý I have found one surprised: (in honor to the analogies)?una pot to pressure, I have removed the cover with cited means over, one? outbreak of uncontrollable desperation, of visceral pity, pain and I plant; and in bottom to the pot a flat, black figure, than I hour call the figure behind the mirror, even if I have a famous and precise name. If we will have way to continue you will understand because. Lý is the cause, l?origine. The vicissitudes can be various, but they carry to one single cause. The stutter is a symptom, is a alibi that the psiche it uses in order to channel and to loosen the tension, but is also a logical consequence of the situation that has been created. L? activity of the mind has constructed l? iceberg. The stutterer has need to stutter. The mind for its nature seizes, creates innumerevoli guilt senses. The fine ones is to suffocate, after the dead women does not exist nothing better than the stutter. The stutterer has in the heart the desperation of the dead women true, real, lived; a lot, much love has need, infondetegli true joy of living, the symptom will diminish. The continuous life, must be adapted, is forced to speak, is strained, but within it cannot, pretends. In order to improve considerably it is necessary to catch up l? image behind the mirror; for? TO RECOVER, the figure behind the mirror goes riabilitata, must living and to speak, I am still working in order to catch up quest? last goal. Excused if they are served to me of images and they have been in the vague one, l? argument is along and complex; obviously iceberg great large problem, cubetto small small problem. Distinguished salutes. Pagnuti Raffaele email:

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