Iceberg of Stuttering

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Re: Iceberg

From: Russ Hicks
Date: 10/5/03
Time: 6:01:35 PM
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Hi Katie,

Thanks for your kind words. Yeah, as you can tell, I really like pictures like this. Supposedly that's a picture of a real iceberg. It was taken in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Nova Scotia in about 1992 by a diver working on an offshore oil rig. The lighting was perfect, and the water was crystal clear. They estimated that the iceberg weighed about 300 million tons! Yes, the ship is compliments of the internet, but it gives you an idea of how huge the iceberg is! Pretty cool, huh?

I've always liked to SEE things in order to know how they work and how to fix them. Woody Starkweather (see his comment above) suggested that future SLPs need to become SCUBA divers! Wow...! But he's right. You need to learn how to get down and work with that stuff under the water. Scary stuff, I know, but that's certainly what the picture suggests.

I recommend you read Jennifer Watson's paper at the very bottom of this conference on "Enhancing My Self-Esteem: I'm Worth It." Self esteem is at the very heart of the iceberg and her paper really gives some good suggestions on how to work "underwater" where the real problems are.

Thanks for your comments. Good luck in school or your profession. We who stutter really appreciate you!


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