Iceberg of Stuttering

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From: Russ Hicks
Date: 10/8/03
Time: 11:17:23 PM
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Hi Ettie,

I'm an engineer by profession and I like to visualize things that I work on. It was actually during my research into covert stuttering several ago that I realized that the density factor in the iceberg could "visually" explain covert stuttering. Then as I was writing up some of my thoughts on that, it occurred to me that several other variables such as size, shape, and hardness were applicable to stuttering too! (I tried to work temperature and pressure into the equation too, but they never quite made the grade, ha, ha! But my old high school physics teacher would be proud of me!)

The single most amazing revelation came to me when I recognized what happened if you all of sudden blasted off the top of the iceberg right at the waterline. It slowly rises right out of the water - just like the laws of physics dictate. And what you had there in the stuttering world was - RELAPSE! That was really my "AHA!" moment. Been there, done that. FOUR TIMES! And I never understood why until the iceberg!

I love it when analogies like this work out! <smile>

Thanks for your comments! And good luck in school!


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