Iceberg of Stuttering

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"It's the emotional baggage, stupid!"

From: Howard Hodges
Date: 10/11/03
Time: 6:13:37 PM
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Russ, definitely an interesting article and analogy. For me, it definitely WAS the emotional baggage. I don't know what the "scientific community" believes are the actual cause of stuttering: however, since I rarely stutter these days, it only proves to me that (in my case), it wasn't purely genetic/neurological/etc. Having been a bedwetter as a child until nearly age 11 (quite old)and having had problems making friends as a child (I was moved around a lot as a military kid), plus extensive academic problems initially in college (inability to sit down and focus)-- along with my stuttering, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that therapy (other than SLP) would've helped me. Thanks for your article. Any thoughts?

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