Iceberg of Stuttering

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Iceberg of Stuttering

From: Janet Skotko
Date: 10/11/03
Time: 9:29:50 PM
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Russ, I have a slightly different picture of the iceberg in my office which is also on everything pertaining to my support group! I think it's a great analogy and it's great to see others thinking the same way..(guess I think I'm first to think something and in a short period later it's there online!...doesn't matter...what does is that you realize & are telling others. I've spoken with clients about their "chunks" of the iceberg after giving some examples; interestingly , if a parent is present and the child/client really begins to open up to his own 'baggage' that the parent quickly changes the is too painful for the PARENT to hear! Without causing more barriers, how do you think I can intervene so child can talk and parent is willing to listen to a chunk of his/her iceberg? I am an advocate of open communication and of exploration of one's client explored his atleast 3 times, each time finding more beneath! It was a fascinating voyage. Thanks! I hope to hear from you! I also enjoyed meeting you at IFA!

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