Iceberg of Stuttering

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Denser than the average iceberg...

From: Terry Dartnall
Date: 10/13/03
Time: 2:34:48 AM
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Hi Russ

I love your paper. Itís wonderfully straightforward and clear.

As you know, Iím one of the REALLY DENSE ones! Covert, interiorised, 99.9% below the surface, loads of emotional baggage. Incidentally, when I was a small boy my Aunty Eva, who was a tall and frightening woman, told me that I just think too quickly, thatís all. Just as you say in your paper!

Hereís my question. You say that after each intensive 8-week therapy session you would be fluent for about a month and then the stuttering would come back in full force. A month seems a long time to me. I mean, being fluent for a month, when you normally have a significant stutter. So my question is: why do you think the therapy worked AT ALL, let alone for as long as a month?

Looking forward to your reply!


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