Iceberg of Stuttering

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Re: "It's the emotional baggage, stupid!"

From: Howard Hodges
Date: 10/13/03
Time: 7:07:03 PM
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We have to stop meeting this way...LOL. Seriously, it made me feel so "normal" hearing you saying that not making BSC affected the bottom of your iceberg (I just knew it as the SEALS, as they often barked like them and I actually thought that was their name.) I was bummed out too and wondered why I hadn't made the "cut." Along with being picked last in some games back at "regular" public school, it was another let down. I salute you for the fantastic speaking accomplishments that you have made through Toastmasters and by your presentations to NSA, etc. Yes, I was in ST at 55 & 62. I plan to scan my speech manual so Judy can post it. It might give u some idea of whether they worked much on the psychological (I have Dr Lew Shupe's email address; he worked on staff as a SLP for four years.) I recall being interviewed by what I thought was a psychologist. But other than weight lifting (to help my insecurities I suppose) and some breathing exercises, I don't recall a lot of delving into psych issues -- however, there was a group self-eval and other things that certainly bordered on that. Besides how would they have handled those cans of worms if they opened up psych Pandora boxes for lots of campers only there for 8 wks???

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