Iceberg of Stuttering

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Iceberg Analogy

From: Michelle Sanders
Date: 10/14/03
Time: 9:32:27 PM
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I enjoyed your expansion on the Iceberg Analogy. I am currently a graduate student in the field of Speech Language Pathology and am currently taking a course in stuttering where we have discussed this analogy in more than one occurance. I am currently working, under a supervisor, with a young child (age 7) who stutters and I have personal concerns about the "below the water" factors because he is so quiet, among other things. My supervisor is still working on his speech, and from the little I have heard is fairly fluent, but I am feeling that I should talk to him about his feelings toward stuttering. Do you feel this could be appropriate at this time? Is there any "red flags" that SLP's should look for when dealing with the "under the water part of the Iceberg"? Thank you for your time.

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