Iceberg of Stuttering

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Iceberg analogy

From: Lorna Hrbolich
Date: 10/17/03
Time: 8:06:49 PM
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Hi Russ,

I enjoyed your description of the iceberg analogy. I am a first year SLP graduate student at Central Michigan University. I am currently enrolled in a course on stuttering and first heard of the iceberg analogy in this course. Our professor has stressed the importance of "what lies beneath the waters" on several occasions, and recently noted that a course on counselling should be offered to SLP graduate students. I feel it is important for a SLP to be able to target all aspects related to stuttering during therapy, and a course targeting counselling would be beneficial. I was wondering what role SLP's played for you with respect to dealing with the "under water" issues. Do you recommend self-help groups/ toastmaster groups in addition to speech therapy?


Lorna Hrbolich

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