Iceberg of Stuttering

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Iceberg Analogy of Stuttering

From: Jessica Balderson
Date: 10/19/03
Time: 4:35:33 PM
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Thank you for writing this paper. I am a graduate student who is taking a class on fluency disorders right now and found that your article reinforced and added to my understanding of the complexity of fluency disorders. I have heard of Sheehan's iceberg analogy before but only had a small understanding of the complexity of it. Your discussion of the many attributes of the iceberg and there comparision to stuttering was very insightful and helped to deepen my understanding of the many variations in stuttering. I also found the discussion of how one cannot just cut the top of the iceberg of stuttering because more will just come the surface a very helpful reminder that fluency therapy requires working on more then just the 10% one can see above the surface. Thank you for insightful and thought provoking paper.

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