Iceberg of Stuttering

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Iceberg Analogy

From: Jerrie Matney
Date: 10/20/03
Time: 2:46:31 AM
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Russ, This conference is fantastic! I have enjoyed so many of the articles, and have learned a great deal. I am realizing (I already knew it actually) that I am really blessed to be a part of a support group, as well as a weekly group made up of both PWS and graduate students. I think we are learning much from each other. Tomorrow I will speak to a Fluency class at the college where I go for speech therapy. I do this now and then, since my stuttering is worse in public speaking. This time I am sharing how the adult onset of stuttering has affected my life, my work, my personality, my self-esteem, my spirit, and just about everything. I'm not sure that many SLPs have a good idea of the emotional impact that stuttering has on us. Sometimes I feel that it was worse for me, since I didn't grow up with it. (But I was also saved all the childhood traumas and teasing, etc.) Thje iceberg analogy is perfect. I had seen it before, but your explanation and picture were great. Thank-you very much for this! (I'd love to have the larger picture.) Seven years after onset I am still struggling with the emotional pieces of this. In both communities where I have lived, my next phone call, after finding speech therapy, was to a counselor. I think in many cases, asking an SLP to cover all these bases is a bit much. And I certainly don't want to scare good people off of such important work by making them feel they have to do it all! Thank-you for your wonderful contributions in this area. Your name has been mentioned several times in the NSA group (and never taken in vain.) Perhaps our paths will cross one day.

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