Iceberg of Stuttering

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Re: Iceberg

From: Russ Hicks
Date: 10/20/03
Time: 11:23:15 PM
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Hello Jennifer and Ani,

I'm glad you enjoyed the article. I had fun writing it! <smile>

You asked a very important question. "... how do you know when you are at the point where you can address the below the water feelings?" The key here is to LISTEN. Not only with your ears, but with your heart and your intuition. At the risk of sounding slightly sexist here, women are just naturally better at that than men are. This "women's intuition" thing is real. Learn to tap into that, and don't be afraid to act on it.

One of the best activities you can do is to attend local support groups for people who stutter. The National Stuttering Association has lots of such chapters. You'll hear LOTS of comments relating to "below the waterline" features. No, of course they won't come out and say "This is part of the bottom of my iceberg, but..." Listen for the word "feel." Feeling is to emotions like thinking is to intellectual reasoning. People like to talk about FEELINGS. So listen to them and begin to realize that you really are working on the bottom of the iceberg when you are discussing things like this.

Does this answer your question? I hope so.

Good luck in school and thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments and questions! I appreciate that!


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