Iceberg of Stuttering

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Article 130

From: Cortney Newman, CMU Student
Date: 10/21/03
Time: 10:25:21 PM
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Mr. Hicks-

I really enjoyed reading this paper on the Iceberg Analogy. It was very interesting to me, and I now understand it more than I did before. I especially found interesting the part about cutting off the top of the iceberg, or eliminating the audible part of stuttering, and how the ice berg will not only float up higher, but the bottom will get bigger too. I've never really thought of it this way before, but it makes perfect sense. I also liked your analogy of treating a person who stutters to fixing a car. It helped to put it into perspective for me. One thing I didn't realize is that covert stuttering is considered to be categorized under "Heavy density". It sounds like they have more emotional baggage than an overt stutterer. I'm wondering if it is typically more difficult to treat covert stutterers than it is to treat overt stutterers. You did state that each individual who stutters is different, so I'm sure it somewhat depends on that, but in general, which is more difficult to treat, or should I say, which is more difficult to overcome?

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