Iceberg of Stuttering

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Great analogy

From: Jaclyn Coon - WVU
Date: 10/22/03
Time: 11:52:35 AM
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Mr. Hicks, I thought that this paper was excellent. You really got to the "deep" parts of stuttering that we hear and know about, but maybe just aren't quite sure how to try to help fix. So my question to you is... Do you feel that SLPs are completely qualified to give therapy on all parts of the iceberg? You said that only about 10% of the iceberg was the actual stuttering and the rest all of the emotional baggage. As a graduate student in speech language pathology, I have learned about therapy goals of desensitization etc., but from reading your paper... it makes me wonder if maybe a stutterer (especially a "heavy iceberg" stutterer) wouldn't do better in speech therapy if they were also seeing someone more qualified in the area of psychology? I will appreciate any thoughts on this that you may have. Again... great paper. I truly enjoyed it.

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