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This page was created to post announcements about International Stuttering Awareness Day 2002 (ISAD 2002) events around the world and other information related to ISAD 2002.

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Dutch Federation of Stuttering Michael Sugarman 10/15/03
ISAD Video-Chat Manfred Fitzner 10/19/03
Belgian ISAD Mario D'hont  10/21/03
Regional Workshop Steve Hood 10/21/03
Re: Regional Workshop Janet Skotko/ 11/9/03
ISAD event in Shanghai, China, 19, Oct: a beginning Albert Zhang 10/21/03
ISAD John Paskievich 10/21/03
ISAD Events in Winslow NJ Lucy Reed 10/22/03
ISAD in South Carolina Jake Ohlinger 10/24/03
ISAD from Seattle Elaine Saitta 10/24/03
ISAD-Stuttering Presentation by primary and secondary students that stutter Michael Sugarman 10/30/03
ISAD in Israel Michael Sugarman 10/30/03
ISAD outreach Michael Sugarman 10/30/03
Bill of Rights and Responsibilities of People who Stutter Michael Sugarman 10/30/03
ISAD outreach Michael Sugarman 10/30/03
ISAD in Spain Claudia Groesman and Michael Sugarman 10/30/03
Fonoaudiologo, Santiago, Chile Michael Sugarman 10/30/03
ISAD in Crotia Mirjana Lasan/Michael Sugarman 10/30/03
ISAD in France by Association Parole Begaiement Olivier Humez/Michael Sugarman 11/3/03
ISAD in Korea Moonja, Shin 11/5/03
ISAD in Czech Republic Florian Pavel and Michael Sugarman 11/6/03
ISAD '03 Nepal Indra Lal/M. Sugarman 11/10/03
ISAD '03 in Shanghai, China Stefan Hoffman/ M. Sugarman 11/10/03
Stuttering Presentation by First Grader J. Rasmussen/M. Sugarman 11/10/03

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