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This page was created for participants in the ISAD 2002 Online Conference to make comments or suggestions. To make a comment, hit the POST link above which should bring up a POST ARTICLE form. Fill in your subject and name and type your question or comments. Then, and this is important, hit the POST ARTICLE button just below the comments form. Your response is now posted, but you may have to hit the reload button on your browser to read it. Thank you very much for your participation!!

Note: you may need to reload this page to see the most recent additions.
Congratulations, Judy Kuster Steve Hood 9/30/03
Well done Gert Reunes 10/2/03
ISAD Craig Stephenson 10/2/03
Isad 2003 Jiri Mazoch 10/4/03
It feels like home! Marija Cvetkovic 10/8/03
Wonderful conference Katie Dauer 10/9/03
Congratulations Sandra Gil - Boliva 10/18/03
All the good things come to an end Marija 10/19/03
Great work! David Block 10/19/03
Each year lots of interesting topics... 10/20/03
It ends-- but it really doesn't Steve Hood 10/21/03
Judy, Thanks for another! Mike Hughes 10/22/03
Thank you! Ellen-Marie Silverman 10/22/03
Thanks, Judy! Lynne Shields 10/22/03
Thanks! AHSL 3325 Class at TTUHSC 10/22/03
Judy   Thanks many times Dorvan Breitenfeldt 10/23/03
Thank you from Japan Masuhiko Kawasaki 10/23/03
Online Stuttering Conference Chad Clower 4/26/2005

Last changed: December 12, 2005