What Is The Real Role Of Self-Help for People Who Stutter?

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From: Marija
Date: 10/7/03
Time: 10:13:15 AM
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Hello, I too would like to thank you for this information about self-help groups. Although I don't attend a self-group because there aren't any in my town, ideas like these make me want to start a self-group myself one day. I've only once attended a self-group when I was in a bigger city and my first conclusion was this: you talk in a self-group and you stutter. If it were any other group of people, you would stay quiet. So why does it make a difference if they stutter or not, the people who are only LISTENING to me? So now when I speak in front of my colleagues at work I really feel free to stutter, pretending I'm in a self-help group. And you know what? They don't give a d... darn! (This wasn't a stutter but avoiding that word that Clark Gables used).

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