What Is The Real Role Of Self-Help for People Who Stutter?

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Re: Transactional Analysis & Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

From: Masuhiko Kawasaki
Date: 10/16/03
Time: 9:22:52 AM
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Thank you for your question. We, JSP, learn TA(Transactional Analysis) and REBT(Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy) for personal growth and personal change. They are very useful to understand of individuals, relationships and communications. In general, PWS are difficult to communicate with other person, as they tend to hide their stuttering. As a result, they don't have many chances to train themselves in ordinary human relations. TA uses a three-part model known as the ego-state model. It helps us understand how people function - how they express their personality in terms of behavior. TA also provides a theory of communication. TA helps PWS to stay in clear communication and avoid setting up unproductive confrontations. TA is very powerful tool in management and communications training. It is very difficult to cure our stuttering, but We, PWS, can make effort to improve our communication skill even if we stutter. REBT is good for PWS to cope with life’s difficulties including stuttering. One of the principles of REBT is that your harmful emotions and dysfunctional behaviors are the product of your irrational thinking. For PWS, one of the biggest problems is anticipated anxiety. REBT is very powerful tool in management such a kind of anxiety. If you are interested in TA and REBT, you can study both of them from each homepage.

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